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multi-dimensional visualization of spatio-temporal data and information data

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Digital Tween

By using the integration of digital models, information systems, sensor networks, data platforms, etc., to achieve multi-dimensional simulation, complete the mapping in the virtual space, thereby reflecting the entire life cycle process of the physical object.

X Engine : GIS+BIM Engine

WEBGL based X Engine is an advanced digital earth engine, which Supports complete GIS application scenarios and powerful BIM application capabilities。

X Data Server : Data publish server

A cross-platform lightweight data publishing service that supports layered publishing of image data, vector data, 3d model data, etc .; provides high-performance services and supports distributed deployment.

XIMPLE Enterprise : Makes BIM project management easier!

The BIM application platform that supports multi-project management can be widely used in design scenarios, engineering project management, smart construction sites, digital delivery, government supervision, and other application scenarios.

BIMAGORA: All-In-One BIM service market

BIMAGORA is a market for Suppliers,Purchasers,Products,Demands,Platforms,Resources etc.

XIM Platform

XIM(X-Information Model)Platform provide a high-performance, easy-to-use, and extensible basic support platform for the visualization application of multidimensional information models.


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Supports public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud services

Big Data

Provide fusion processing and analysis display of spatio-temporal data and information data


Use IoT sensors to access real-time data to realize digital twin applications

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